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Student visa (F-1 visa):

Academic students or individuals who are willing to pursue further advanced education will fall under this category. Individuals who wish to come to the U.S. to study will need to apply for either F-1 or M-1 visa. F-1 visa is for academic students who are coming to the U.S. as full-time students at academic institutions. If foreign students are currently outside of the U.S. and require visas to enter the U.S., individuals can apply for an F-1 visa at an American Consulate or Embassy abroad. Please be adviced that whether or not to grant the F-1 visa to enter the U.S. is in the interests of American Consulate abroad and that no intention to give up the foreign residency is advised. Foreign students who are holding F-1 visa must be fully devoted or classified as full-time students and may not work except for on-campus employment with restrictions.

M-1 visa is for foreign students in vocational or nonacademic programs.

Jian Law Group provides an excellent service for F-1 consultation and for individuals who wish to change their status to F-1 while in the U.S. For more information please refer to change of status on the related link or contact us for a prompt reply.





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