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Change/Extend status:

Change of status is common when individuals are looking for extensions of stay or change from one non-immigrant category to another non-immigrant category. General speaking, if individuals are seeking to change or extend their status while in the U.S., form I-539 needs to be filed with the USCIS. For example, if foreign nationals who enter the U.S. with B-1/B-2 visas and wish to remain in the U.S. to study, F1 is needed in order to obtain the legal status to study in the U.S. or vice versa. 

With numbers of successful cases and varying experiences of helping individuals remain in the U.S. according to their purposes, Jian Law Group offers the efficient consultation and solution exactly to our clients’ needs. For more information regarding how to change the status from one category to another, please contact us for further assistance.



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